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Your bar should always be clean, which is every client’s magnet. Your space’s cleanliness reflects how you adhere to safety and health regulations. It shows the way you perceive your clients and works ethics. Cleaning your pub well plays a role in maintaining a healthy relationship and a trustworthy staff. Your clean image is a spark that attracts clients.

Pushing your workers to clean the premises may be unproductive and can lower their performance. Besides, cleaning a huge bar means that your staff will be exhausted and may not serve your clients well. Therefore, the best option is to contact U.S. Janitorial Services and get bar cleaning services.

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Why Is Bar Cleaning Important

The way you clean your business has a significant effect on your business outcomes. According to the 30-second rule, people notice a dirty place faster than they would a clean one. So when your clients see that your pub is messy, most likely they will not get it; they will take a ride to the one next door.

Research shows that 85% of your clients would not visit a bar with bad online reviews about their cleanliness. A bar’s hygiene is the centerpiece of the business and is vital in attracting and retaining your clients. Keeping your premises contamination free is the new normal for all businesses, especially where people meet and spend long hours.

Given the causes and spread of Covid-19, bars must be very clean, and there should be minimal shared touchpoints, especially the menus. As such, digital systems are crucial to reducing the touchable places and materials and ensuring that your bar will not be a contamination point. However, if your business has hard copy menus, we sanitize them adequately.

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The end of Covid-19 signaled to people that they needed to resume their social lives. People want to make up for lost times and celebrate good times. A clean bar is the least that you can offer. Hiring one person may mean that not everywhere will be cleaned. You need a company with modern machines and well-trained staff to execute the job.

U.S. Janitorial Services understand the complexity of bar services and premises and clean them well. The company offers commercial services and ensures you do not have to break your back to please your clients. The essential bar cleaning services will ensure that your business productivity is high. A clean place encourages employees to work well and concentrate more on the job. In addition, they have an excellent ambient working space and a high level of air quality.

About Us

U.S. Janitorial Services, Lexington started as a small company with a few workers. Today, the company has hundreds of staff, and they offer excellent bar cleaning in Lexington and the surrounding areas. Our company offers free consultation and visits your premises. They create a checklist of the cleaning tasks and the frequency. We allow you to choose the frequency of cleaning; for example, it can be weekly, biweekly, every day, or once a month. All the details and procedures used will be entered into a spreadsheet. As our staff cleans your premises, we tick the checklist and notify you.

We have the most professional staff, and they have been trained on the job. The best thing about U.S Janitorial ServicesLexington is that we have embraced the use of modern machines and cleaning technologies. When cleaning your premises, we understand that we will not use a one-style fits-all cleaning style. Instead, we will use pressure cleaning in open spaces, use detergents in some places, and finally sanitize switches and frequently touched parts such as lights, handles, toilet doors, and tissue holders, among others.

The service that has made us stand out in the community of Lexington is deep cleaning. We work with all our clients and create a cleaning schedule that takes place during the off-peak hours. Then, we send our staff to take care of responsibilities such as cleaning the freezers and refrigerators, dusting and cleaning glassware, cleaning the restaurant hoods, dusting the shelves, tables, and chairs, plus descaling the machines, especially those used to dispense coffee.

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions such as machines that clean and disinfect simultaneously. These technologies save time and resources. Our soaps and sanitizers are environmentally friendly and have been OSHA-approved. Our professional staff cleans an area within a short time.

U.S. Janitorial Services Lexington is a fully licensed company that follows all the rules and regulations of the cleaning industry. In addition, we adhere to the food and beverages laws and use the best products that do not violate users and the environment.

We have nurtured the skills of our professional staff by offering them the best training. We perform background checks and ensure they will not pick items from your bar premises. We are committed to supporting everyone in the community and ensuring that your efficiency improves once we clean your beliefs and you can proudly retain your client base.

Finally, before we dismantle some of your equipment for cleaning, we do due diligence and ensure that we are on the right track. We request your help on how you want your place to be cleaned. Your hygiene is our concern, and our bar cleaning services will set you above the rest of your competitors.

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Why You Need Our Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services

It is essential to ensure that your bar is clean and offers clients great interaction spaces without worrying about diseases and contamination. Unclean bars are contamination points that can affect the health of clients. Our company cleans the parking lot, stools, carpets, windows, lighting fixtures, doors, rails, and handles. In addition, they clean the faucets and sinks and sanitize them to remove germs. Your clients must always be safe when they are at your premises.

The back-end area needs regular cleaning and removal of the trash. We clean the beer mugs, utensils, washcloths, and beer mats. When we offer deep cleaning, we extend it to the beer lines and any other machine in the bar.

Reasons why you need our professional bar cleaning services

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is the best for your bar. We can meet and create a cleaning checklist. Our experienced staff go through the list and clean your premises. We make a schedule that allows us to clean your bar during off-peak hours.

Trusted Staff

We have done background checks on all our staff. The staff is taken through professional training that helps them to deliver the best services. You don’t have to be present to take care of your valuables.

Realign your business focus

Cleaning everything in a bar is a big task, and we are always prepared. Our services are consistent and reliable; you can use that time to check the inventory and run errands. Your staff is more productive when they don’t have to worry about a dirty bar.

Building Your Bar’s Reputation

A clean bar will have excellent ratings and positive reviews online. Your clients will have a place where they frequent without fear. If they notice a dirty bar, they can quickly leave the space. Our services ensure no negative reviews, and you have a flow of clients. In addition, your business productivity grows with time due to our consistent bar cleaning services.

OSHA Approved Products

Our cleaning company uses OSHA-approved products, which means we protect the environment at all levels. We use child-friendly products, which include steramine tablets to ensure that your space is clean and well-disinfected. Our workers use protective gear and have been trained to follow all safety and occupational laws to avoid self-injury as they clean.

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Our cleaning process

We clean and dust the floors, stools, shelves, and tables. First, all the floor drains are removed and dirt removed. Later we sanitize and clean all the toilets.

In the kitchen, we clean all the utensils and beer mats. The coolers are cleaned, and we flush all the keg lines to eliminate bacteria and yeast buildup. Our staff also lists any broken items or things that need replacement. Next, the carpets and upholstery are cleaned and disinfected. Finally, we focus on the back of the restaurant and trash areas. We pressure clean the parking lot and the drains.

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You can trust U.S Janitorial Services Lexington to clean your bars. Our bar cleaning service ensures that your clients have a clean and sell-sanitized environment. It only takes thirty seconds for clients to notice a dirty bar. Therefore, you need our services if you must retain your customer base. In case of a fire or a storm, our professional staffs offer emergency cleaning services leading to restoring your bar within the shortest time possible. You can get to our website and send us a message. Alternatively, you can call our direct lines and speak with our staff. We offer a free consultation.

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