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More than ever, there is a need to keep commercial spaces clean and disinfect surfaces, especially in the workplace. In commercial spaces, you should be aware of the germs that high-touch areas such as light switches, keyboards, and doorknobs may carry and plan how they should be cleaned and disinfected. But what exactly does disinfection involve, and how does cleaning differ from disinfection? Below, U.S. Janitorial Services explores everything you need to know about disinfection services and why you should contact them for these services.

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Difference Between Disinfection and Cleaning

There are differences between cleaning and disinfecting. For example, a surface may look clean if you look at it through the naked eye but may not be hygienic.

In the most basic terms, cleaning will help to eliminate germs at the surface level. On the other hand, disinfection is more intense and works to kill germs that may cause infection, decreasing the risk of infection with common viruses found in the workplace. Therefore, cleaning reduces the spread of germs, while disinfection does a more thorough job than cleaning.

In a business environment, it is crucial to ensure regular disinfecting services. These spaces are usually high-traffic areas that carry the potential for harboring germs that may quickly spread and cause illness among the people there. In such a case, the health of hundreds or even thousands of individuals may be compromised.

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Therefore, whether you own or manage an office building or industrial facility, you need to make the health of everyone who enters your space a top priority. At this time, when the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world, you need to be able to demonstrate to individuals that they will be coming to a safe working space.

While there are many high-touch areas in the office or commercial space that may need to be cleaned, hands are some of the main culprits in spreading infection.

Therefore, it is crucial to have reminders stating that people should wash their hands long enough to effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, and germs in an office setup. By practicing proper hand hygiene, you and your staff members can help keep the office environment safe. In addition, by further disinfecting surfaces throughout the commercial property, you have the chance to reduce the number of new infections within your space drastically.

As a company, U.S. Janitorial Services have the perfect solutions for all your cleaning and disinfection needs. We offer quality and professional disinfection services for clients across Kentucky, including Georgetown, Winchester, and Lexington.

Why Choose U.S. Janitorial Services for All Your Disinfection Needs?

Cleaning your small or commercial office may be another mundane or routine task until it’s more serious, like in the case of an outbreak. In such cases, your staff members are less likely to be prepared for the management of disinfection. However, we are always prepared to handle all types of outbreak cleaning and disinfection as a cleaning company. We ensure all high-touch and even hidden areas get the necessary attention and ensure thorough disinfection. Therefore, we achieve a high reduction of bacteria, spores, and viruses that may be hiding in hard-to-reach areas and causing disease in a commercial space. By efficiently disinfecting an area, you can kill the germs causing diseases to spread within seconds.
Apart from being able to help you manage your disinfection needs, we have the right skills and equipment to ensure that we are handling disinfection the right way. For starters, we give attention to high-risk zones that contain electronics to ensure that you are protected from any disease-causing micro-organisms. We also have special equipment such as PPE for higher-risk area disinfection. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your space is clean and decontaminated. Further, our cleaning technicians are trained to provide these services. They have the right skills to ensure a clean, safe commercial environment for the hundreds who walk into your space daily.

One of the biggest perks of working with U.S. Janitorial services is dedicated to our clients. As such, we provide efficient cleaning plans depending on each client’s needs. For instance, if clients have their business in multiple locations, we can arrange to have them cleaned and disinfected regularly. This creates convenience for a company as they do not have to hire different cleaning companies around Kentucky to handle their cleaning needs. Therefore, you can be assured that all your premises will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfected regularly by a trusted Kentucky disinfection professional.

We Use EPA-Approved Cleaners. One of the biggest challenges of cleaning offices on your own is that you mostly take a shot in the dark when it comes to cleaners. While home-grade cleaners may be effective for small spaces, relying on any simple product for a commercial space can be dangerous. We use EPA-approved cleaners that will eliminate all the traces of toxic organisms from building surfaces. Our cleaners are not only effective but also non-toxic as we understand the needs of each client. We prefer products rated for enveloped viruses, such as COVID-19, as they work best when individuals need reassurance that they are coming into a clean space.

Further, our products are friendly and will not irritate individuals with allergies. Since we care about our environment, we ensure that our products are eco-friendly and will not contribute any further harmful gases to the environment. Therefore, you can be confident that you have the best team of cleaners by your side when you work with us.

While many may be afraid to engage cleaning companies for fear of getting a raw deal, we are the ultimate solution for your problems. For instance, we understand that it is possible to over-disinfect, leading to pathogens developing resistance to cleaning products. Therefore, we only use medical-grade disinfectants on high-touch surfaces to ensure that we are not causing further problems within your office space.
At a time when more and more people need assurance that spaces are clean, disinfected, and safe, we help you stand out. Through our services, you get to reduce the risk of disease spread while simultaneously maintaining a stellar reputation. A clean, sanitized environment is a selling point for your business at a time when uncertainty is at an all-time high. Instead of risking the health and well-being of the people who interact in your commercial space daily, we encourage you to go above and beyond by contacting professionals to disinfect your commercial space.
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