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School cleaning presents various challenges, in part because cleanliness and sanitation are not a priority to most students who are more focused on their studies than they are on the hygiene of the school. The areas around a school that host the most germs are surprising. Areas such as bathrooms, for instance, might not necessarily be a hotbed for germs but that doesn’t exempt it from regular cleaning. However, areas such as cafeteria trays and desktops are more likely to harbor significant germs and transfer.

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Trained & Certified Cleaners

At U.S. Janitorial Services, we work with your school facility to keep these and other areas clean for the health and well-being of your students and staff. A clean environment allows them to attend school and work without missing a lesson due to sickness. Our main aim when cleaning a school facility is to not only create a clean environment but to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs in an environment with high traffic.

U.S. Janitorial Services has the necessary extensive expertise in working with various institutions across the country, from nurseries, universities, and adult learning institutions. The clients who have engaged with us as their school cleaning services have benefited from the assurance that we are capable of supplying all types of cleaning such as:

  • Daily school cleaning contract
  • Cleaning school canteens
  • Special event cleanup
  • Carpet deep cleaning including shampooing and spot treating
  • Summer deep clean, moping, and dusting hard to reach areas
  • Builders clean and refurbishment
  • Decontamination, cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing all restroom surfaces
  • Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning.

Our cleaners are capable of polishing sports halls, toilet areas, and jet wash playgrounds. We offer a high level of cleaning to atriums and stairwells, cladding cleans and external signage, and descaling changing areas and showers around school swimming pools. US Janitorial School Cleaning Service are contractors of choice in any kind of school cleaning activity.

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Middle School Library
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Why You Need A Clean & Healthy School Environment

Understanding the importance of having a clean and healthy school environment is essential. It is necessary to have a secure learning atmosphere free of health complications, no matter the type of school. Below are reasons why you need us to keep your school healthy and clean:

Our Services For Schools & Academies

Maintaining a healthy and clean school environment is essential in making a good institution – from teaching to enlightenment to all of the fun stuff.

When a school wants to focus on learning, teaching preformance and reducing possible infectious diseases, the school cleaning service at U.S. Janitorial service is necessary for sustaining a healthy and great learning environment.

When your entire school is kept clean, experiencing a stronger sense of school pride is inevitable. Everyone including the teachers and students will be proud to talk about their institution.

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