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Medical Facility Cleaning Services

It is critical to maintain a clean and healthy environment in all medical facilities. Keeping a medical facility clean reduces the chances of hospital-acquired infections for the patients while ensuring that the staff also works in a healthy and safe environment. Additionally, a clean medical office is a plus for many clients, leading to higher profits and more business.

This is where our company steps in as we have years of solid experience in matters concerning medical facility cleaning.

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Unique Medical Facility Disinfection & Sanitation

Our company is dedicated to ensuring that the medical cleaning services we offer match the caliber of professional care your health facility delivers to patients. All our medical cleaning services are done in precision while maintaining detailed and impeccable attention to ensure this is accomplished.

To ensure that our work is done professionally, we use a color-coded cleaning system to ensure cross-contamination between your facility is prevented. Using this technique, you are assured that we will never use the same fiber cloths, buckets, or mops to disinfect the bathrooms that we are entitled to clean in the medical diagnosing rooms or the lobby. We use this design and other almost techniques to ensure wellness and reduce the transfer of infections caused by deadly bacteria available in your healthcare facility.

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Our medical cleaning service providers work diligently to ensure that all standards are met, reducing the risk of spreading infections. When we perform medical cleaning, we follow many protocols and regulations since we understand the challenges that we face in this type of cleaning. These include:

In-depth Staff Training

Our staff members are meticulously trained to meet high safety measures that deal with cleaning and maintaining medical facilities. Trust the staff we put in your facility because they know what to do once you assign them in the areas mentioned below:

  • Our staff is trained in details when it comes to HIPAA needs. Our training program is designed specifically for non-medical staff to understand the regulations regarding their work.
  • Our employees are thoroughly trained on using safety data sheets and product information for all the disinfection agents our cleaning company uses. Through these sheets, workers are aware of the potential hazards like fire outbreaks and how they can work safely with these products. It could also help if you knew that we work with accredited green Seal disinfection products.
  • All of our staff’s detailed training will lead to outstanding HCAHPS scores, positives review from your patients, and thus giving greater credibility to your facility.
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Adherence To Standards and Rules

You should know that we only assign authorized and qualified workers to our client’s property. Despite putting out staff through extensive training, they also go through background checks. You should also know that healthcare laws vary from state to state, and that is why we train our staff for the state they should work in. Our company follows the latter Lexington’s healthcare rules like those outlined by:

  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration

When you get in contact with us we work harmoniously with other companies to ensure we quickly provide you with the safest and cleanest environments for your staff, patients, and visitors through the provision of qualified medical facility cleaning experts.


Why You U.S. Janitorial Services For Medical Cleaning

There are a few significant reasons why you should let us help you with your medical cleaning:

  • We will help you keep your medical facility inspection ready
  • We use advanced cleaning processes and procedures because of ongoing staff education.
  • The product quality and leading equipment accompany our professional services.
  • We will help you greatly in matters concerning cost saving.
  • Proven disinfection services, products, and techniques
  • Our professional cleaning services are managed by qualified EVS who are familiar with your state’s healthcare rules.

Upon hiring our company, you are assured that we will clean your facility in the best way that will help you keep your health facility safe and have incredible patient satisfaction scores. It is another way of helping you narrow your concentration to patient safety and care. Cleaning is not a simple task. Medical centers differ. Your facility needs services that fit your exact needs. Give us a call today!

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