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We provide unique polished concrete options at U.S. Janitorial Services in Lexington, KY, that will make your old concrete floors appear amazing and appealing.
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Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring Services in Kentucky

Below are some of the benefits of using our services:

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Methods of Concrete Polishing

Concrete floor coating contractors focus on the mechanical process of grinding the floor into a smooth surface using professional grinding equipment. Each stage uses a different coarse of grinding to get the smoothness level required and desired gloss. There are two for polishing concrete, wet and dry.

Dry polish method

In dry polishing, concrete is grounded using commercial-scale machines. Dry polish uses different abrasive polishing disks with coarse and finer textures to get the final shine. The dust produced is vacuumed up as the concrete is ground. The dry method has its advantages which include:

  • Very shiny surface
  • Hardening and condensing are more intense to the slabs
  • Dry polishing can be done in open and closed areas due to their advanced machinery

Wet polish method

In the wet polish method, constructors use water to minimize dust escaping into the atmosphere. Water is also used to help prevent the polishing disks from wearing out faster. Dust produced is trapped in the water forming a slurry as the final product. Wet polish uses grits almost the same size. Wet polishing doesn’t have a high gloss outcome as a final product as the dry polishing method. However, wet polishing has its advantages. Some of its benefits include:

  • Shorter downtimes
  • It is cheap compared to dry concrete polish methods
  • This process can use propane-fueled machines that are environmentally friendly
  • Wet polish is dust-free

Choosing the right method for your facility highly depends on the nature of your business. For food establishments, it is always necessary to use a 100% dust-free process, wet polish. However, companies that require high gloss floors, such as showrooms, will go for the dry polish method.

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Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy - Flooring Services in Lexington, KY

Polyaspartic vs Epoxy Floor Coating Example

When it comes to flooring, we provide both polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings.
Epoxy floor contractors can, at the same time, decorate the floor and increase the floor’s durability. Epoxy floor coating services are always needed in industrial and commercial flooring. Industrial epoxy flooring contractors apply the product on the concrete surface, producing a smooth and durable floor surface that can withstand traffic for several years. An epoxy floor is stable, but its rigid texture is vulnerable to abrasion.

Advantages of epoxy flooring are:

  1. Epoxy flooring is resistant to solvents and acids. Chemicals that would corrode the floor.
  2. Epoxy floors are decorative. Epoxy floors come in different designs and colors. Decoration arrangements are made, or the floor gets sprinkled with epoxy flakes.
  3. For epoxy flooring contractors, the application of epoxy is fast, so there will be a minimal interruption when working.
  4. Maintenance of epoxy floors is easy. The beds are seamless and compacted, easing the cleaning process and making it hygienic.
  5. When the epoxy floor is incorporated with underfloor heating, it turns out to be sustainable save energy since you won’t need radiators.
  6. Epoxy floors can be used in commercial and industrial flooring because it suits mechanical load and heavy use.
  7. Polyaspartic floor coatings are flexible, don’t chip or scratch, and are durable.

Advantages of  polyaspartic coating are:

  1. It takes a shorter installation time compared to the epoxy floor.
  2. Polyaspatic flooring is stronger and more durable, increasing resistance to floor damages, including scratching and denting.
  3. The polyaspartic layer is fully penetrated to the concrete surface. Delamination and peeling problems are therefore avoided.
  4. Stain-resistant. Water, grease, or dust, polyaspartic coating keeps them at bay.
  5. Cleaning is easy, and its maintenance cost is low. It is economical.
  6. Polyaspartic can be installed in an area with low and high ambient temperatures. Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic will still complete the reaction process even at low temperatures that slow down resin curing time.
  7. It does not have annoying epoxy paint fumes. However, there will be a smell during the first installation hour, and with time, the floor dries, and the fumes are gone.
  8. It has a slip resistance due to its texture and vinyl flakes.
  9. Resistant to hot tire peeling. Polyaspartic is UV resistant & non-yellowing and can withstand a lot of heat. It is also resistant to abrasion and easy to patch the floor and repair after many years.
  10. Concrete polishing has a high-end look and is suitable for modern building styles. Concrete grinding services offer a variety of designs palettes. The procedure can be dyed, stained, patterns, and different colors.

The Polishing Process

Regardless of your choice, the polishing process involves surface preparation, concrete grinding, and polishing. 

Surface Preparation

Proper preparation in concrete polishing leaves the concrete dry and a leveled surface with no dust, dirt, or grease. It decides the outcome of the polished surface. Removing surface contaminants allows materials to contact the substrate directly, thereby increasing the anchorage of materials applied and the surface area. Steps followed when preparing a concrete surface; Resurfacing and removing unsound concrete from the surface of the concrete.

Any material that can prevent bonding between the overlay and the concrete surface, such as grease, oil, and dirt, is removed. The concrete surface is then roughened to prepare it for an overlay.

Equipment used for grinding in the polishing process is diamond coated. Concrete polishing can be done when old surfaces are refurbished, or new ones are made. The polishing process is durable at a low cost. The concrete surface is then polished using a diamond pad to give the floor a shiny surface. Finally, the decoration is done depending on the client.

Concrete Designing

Another concrete polishing service is designing. Designing is done by adding color to concrete with dye, flake, and stains. Stains and dyes are transparent. The quality allows the reflective concrete surface to be seen through. Grind and seal. A cheap, popular way of concrete polishing. Maintaining the floor. Buffing the foot for maximum shining is done after some time, almost semiannually.

Where to Use Polished Concrete Flooring and Why Polish Concrete

Anywhere with concrete slab can be polished. Polished slabs are found in residential areas, warehouses, retail areas, hospitals, and showrooms, among other places.

One of the main reasons is the pricing. When it comes to finishing the floor, concrete polishing and grinding are cheap with durable floors compared to methods like laminate and vinyl, among other finishing procedures. The other reason is the durability of the bed. Polished concrete can last for several years without stains, dents, or scratches when well maintained.

Concrete is a structural material composed of hard particulate substances called aggregate. Aggregate is a mixture of sand and gravel attached by water and cement. Concrete is an important construction material, making floors strong, span, rigid, durable, and fire-resistant. However, years of use resulting in wear and tear leave concrete floors unremarkably dull, grey, and less attractive. If this is the case with your floor, not all is lost. Here at U.S. Janitorial Services, we can polish your floor and transform it into a beautiful, shiny surface.

Reach out to the experts at U.S. Janitorial in Lexington, KY for all your concrete floor polishing needs!

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