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Commercial Car Dealership Cleaning

Customers want to experience not only new but also a shiny experience when shopping for a car. Customers will have negative impressions if they find out that your offices, restrooms, and showroom floor do not match. Never should you leave your buyer’s mind with doubt because of your facility’s cleanliness. U.S. Janitorial Services helps you keep your dealership clean, tidy, and shiny!

Our company excels in dealership cleaning services. This ranges from car dealerships to boat dealerships – not to forget RV dealerships – in KY and in the country. Give us a phone call today and get a demo of our services.

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Trained & Certified Cleaners

It is refreshing to know that you started your business day knowing that professionals in the car dealership cleaning industry have taken care of every issue to ensure that your dealership is ready to start the moment you start your daily job. You can also get reviews from our preformed services from our previous customers. All you have to do is ask or read our reviews!

How Our Dealership Cleaning Services Stand Out

Our cleanliness company has dealt with the cleaning requirements of the car industry for some time now. Our services entail detailed cleaning of car dealerships’ showrooms, offices, service bays, and front desks to eliminate the tough grime and grease. Providing you quality services is our norm and below some few reasons that make us stand out in this industry.

Disinfection For Dealership Facilities

Our company also offers disinfecting services. There are a lot of customers who visit your facility every day of the month. In case you are looking for a five-star commercial cleaning service provider, our company is your solution. We use UV-C Sanitization and Sani-Spritz in situations where traffic congestion and areas are difficult to reach.

Our company offers customized services. Our services are not limited to size because we work with both extensive facilities and small offices.

We put in use the latest in cleaning technology tools. We are sure that once we use cutting-edge tools while maintaining the proper procedure, our clients are assured of high cleanliness levels.

We have tailored service schedules for our clients. Once you hire us to be your service providers, we work with you to create a customized cleaning schedule that is efficient and effective. This schedule is also responsible for delivering a healthy auto showroom while ensuring minimal disturbance is made to your daily operations. Feel free to schedule these janitorial services either daily, weekly, or several times a week. The best thing is that we provide these services 24/7 – at all times day or night.

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