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Emergency Commercial Cleaning Lexington Kentucky

When emergencies strike, you will require emergency commercial cleaning services to help solve the mess and provide quality services. U.S. Janitorial Cleaning Services have more than 20+ years of experience in Lexington’s commercial cleaning and janitorial service landscape. All our cleaning staff is trained to follow strategic safety processes and procedures. Insurance cover is provided for all our employees to help boost their work input without worries about their health and wellbeing. We deal with all types of emergencies, be it human cause, natural calamity, or immediate cleaning for some pop-up occasion. Commercial cleaning results in a tidy and conducive environment.

Businesses And Location

We offer our emergency commercial cleaning services to every type of business, starting from a local eatery all the way to an industrial plant. You can find us in Lexington, Wilmore, Danville, Georgetown and all surrounding counties in Kentucky.

Emergency Janitorial Services UsJs Kentucky
Wiping Glass Surfaces
Emptying Waste Bins

Why Would a Commercial Property Need Emergency Cleaning

Commercial cleaning needs people with adequate training and experience in the job. It is full of risks that a non-trained person cannot maneuver without causing an accident. Commercial cleaning consists of big, challenging, and complex tasks that a janitor cannot manage. Furthermore, Commercial cleaning jobs come very few times in a year because they are conducted with an intensity that will last for several months. There are several health factors and risks that worker associates with when it comes to commercial cleaning. For example, cleaning a commercial window that is very high using special tools and equipment. Training experience is therefore vital for you to be able to perform at such a height. Harsh conditions encountered during the jobs are why commercial cleaning services come with health and safety guidelines before cleaning. The latest equipment is tested and used during commercial cleaning for easy and quick cleaning of the premise.
The following are the primary task that outsourced commercial cleaning services conduct.

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Wiping and disinfecting all glass surfaces
  • Emptying waste bins

Commercial Properties we serve

U.S. Janitorial Services cover a lot of commercial properties in Lexington. We stretch our services to anyone in need of cleaners for their business, even in a tight schedule. Some of the business we clean includes the following.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Industries
  • Business offices
  • Religious Facilities
Medical Facility
Religious Facility
Industrial and Manufacturing Industries
Business Offices

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to provide quality services for our customers to work in a conducive environment. We have a network of working individuals ready to bring the best cleaning services to you and retain clients. Assigning work to us comes with several benefits that include the following.

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Our operation is around the clock to help you out with our emergency cleaning and janitorial services. Our staff is well trained and equipped with modern tools that make the work complete in a few minutes depending on the space that needs cleaning and the type of emergency. Cleaners from U.S. Janitorial Services in Lexington and its surrounding cities with absolute precision to ensure there are no damages on a client’s property. In case of anything, we will be happy to sort you out. We work around the clock, answering calls and responding immediately to our customers to help them be presentable for any occasion.

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