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Epoxy vs Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Table of Contents Looking for a good alternative to protect your concrete floor? There are many products designed to be used as coats for concrete floors. However, two of the most common are epoxy and polyaspartic. While these materials have properties that may make them fit for one space or another, it may be challenging

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Pressure Washing Tips Professionals Want You to Know

Where to start If instant gratification is your thing, pressure washing your home will clean and beautify your home immediately! Be sure to wear ear and eye protection as pressure washing units are loud and powerful. Happy pressure washing! –Generator Mart Develop a cleaning strategy: Never start your pressure washing project without proper planning and strategy.

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tips to keep tidy restaurant kitchen

How to Get Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean & Hygienic

Wait, the Food Doesn’t Matter? Why You Need Professional Help – How to Make Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean in 5 Steps 1. Determine what needs to be cleaned The best place to start is to go through and identify what needs to be cleaned. In order to clean up your home or office, you need

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comparison of metal vs plastic vent diffusers

What Are Plastic Vent Covers?

Table of Contents What Are Plastic Vent Covers & Why Should You Use Them For Your Business? If you’re looking to maintain a great airflow within your business, it’s a great idea to invest in plastic diffusers. Plastic diffusers are also known as vinyl diffusers, air vent covers, or registers can help maintain great airflow

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5 Practices to Incorporate Into Your Cleaning Program

There has been a strong focus on keeping facilities clean and safe because of viruses such as the flu and especially the coronavirus over the last 11 months. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has shown a spotlight on the need for sound disinfection processes within a business’s facilities. With the continued cold weather this winter,

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